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If you have less than 30-minutes a day to spare, then you can become a healthier you with the YSF3 at home workouts.

Over 500 powerful and effective workouts that will have you feeling strong and energized all for a one time price of $19.99  – access for life!


Sample workout from the online gym 


Can’t say enough how much I am enjoying being a YSF3 online gym member. The 12 week mini series are awesome. I love the 20/7/T format! The lighting & background of the studio looks great in the videos. The workout after warm up #1 slayed me as much as you do live in the studio during private trainings. Love them! Great idea!” Janet

I completely enjoy your online workouts. I wasn’t getting to the gym like I used to, but was still working out at home with DVD’s. I’m always looking to spice up my work-outs, and your website is perfect for adding that extra zing! The first workout I did was a kettlebell workout. And I was hooked. I came upstairs afterward and told my husband that the one kettlebell workout alone was worth the price. I think it’s motivating that you do the entire workout, unlike in videos which don’t always have the trainer doing the full routine. Also, I appreciate that you show your fatigue, but keep on working. I’ve noticed that you’ve started saying how heavy a weight you’re working with – I definitely appreciate this info, because it provides a guideline. Thanks for all the great work-outs! I truly appreciate them!

YSF3 Gym Member


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